Monday, August 14, 2006

Where's The Dude?

I'm here. On 2 weeks vacation. Much needed, friends. Things have sucked for me lately. My grandma died, I've been busting my ass at work (and on weekends too!), and I've partied too hard celebrating the Miami Heat championship victory (well, that last one didn't suck at all, actually).

I caught some of the Dolphins pre-season game on the NFL Network in my hotel room. Daunte looked good. Even more surprisingly, so did Joey Harrington! Did anyone else notice that Kim Bokamper is now sporting man boobs? He really has become the epitome of bad sideline reporting -- even if it is locally and for pre-season games only. Anyway, the NFL Network showed him interviewing Saban as the coach tried to get into the locker room at half time. Bokamper asked the same old, tired cliche'd questions, which is infinately worse when it's for a damn pre-season game. And Saban was his usual snide self ... towards Kim Bokamper! That friggin rocks!!!

I'll be back Friday. Hope all is well with all of you ... gotta run. I'm being charged for this Internet time. You see how much I love you guys!


Lucky bastard! While you're off hiking and shit, I've got all your work piled onto me in your absense! Deuche!

Come back soon and break a leg!
You done went M.I.A. dude! WTFeezie?!

Anywho, 'Fins better win tonight. I've got money on 'em. Haha.
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