Monday, July 31, 2006

Nick Saban Is Serious And Anything Free Sucks

This kicks ass. Nick Saban is serious about turning the Dolphins around. How serious? He turned down a dinner invitation from George W.

"It was really a tough decision," Saban said. "I feel like my first responsibility is our team. That in no way disrespects the importance of the opportunity I would have loved to have had to spend dinner with the President."

Meanwhile Dan Marino accepted Bush's invitation. No word yet if Dan brought his own NutriSystem dinner in a lunch box. I also have a political joke here but I won't make it because this is a sports only blog ... but it's really tempting.

On a side note -- I would normally post this with a picture of Saban on the practice field or Bush falling off a Segway or Marino's new bulimic physique. But alas, I cannot, because is once again, as Kalibleek would say, taken a deuce on my blog. And not the kind that twinkles.

I can't complain because is a free service. So I have to deal with it, as do you dear reader. No pictures on new posts until irons out their daily problem. Just remember kids, any time anything is free of charge ... there’s a 100% chance that sooner rather than later, that free thing is going to SUCK ass. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

Anyway ... Saban rules, Marino is really thin and Bush is a moron (damn! sorry.).


Saban's stock just went up in my book. Like Bush or hate Bush, it's still a HUGE deal when the President of the United States of America invites you to dinner. And to turn him down because his priority is to his team -- that's why we Dolfans are loving this guy.
I <3 Nicktator. Screw the freakin president. Like I said on the Matter. We have a damn Super Bowl to win!

Dude you should consider trying a free pic hosting site like

This way you do not have to worry about
Thanks, JD. I'll look into it.
Nick Saban is a badass!
I pay for my site, and it i still deal with crap. Dreamhost is down all the time. For that, I'd rather deal with blogger problems. Sigh...

In the meantime, I too suddenly found a whole new respect for Saban.
Thanks Jason. That makes me feel better about blogger. Still, The Dude's Life has a nice look to it. So ya got that going for you.
Dude, when the photo service is down, I've had some luck using the direct internet link to the photo instead of the file itself (using the option on the right of the pop-up menu intead of the left, that is).
Nick Saban is my second favorite coach in the NFL now. First his tirade last season about "the final score...doesn't matter" and now this. I wish he was my grandpa.
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