Friday, July 07, 2006

Jumping The Couch

Friday Bullets ... Because I'm Still Hungover From All My Heat Championship Partying (While regretting I gave Amanda My e-mail address). Happy Reading ...

And finally, ESPN has this poll question: Who would you trust to hit a walk-off HR. This led me to ponder my own poll question (even though, technically, I am not posting a poll): If you had either of these guys on your team. And you needed A-Rod to hit a game-winning RBI or Shaq to hit a game winning free throw, which one would you choose?

I just blew my mind.

By the way, I've listed my ESPN poll votes in the comments section.

See you all Monday. Have a great weekend.

1. David Ortiz
2. Albert Pujols
3. Manny Ramirez
4. Jim Thome
5. Jason Giambi
6. Ken Griffey Jr.
7. Ryan Howard
8. Barry Bonds
9. Alex Rodriguez
10. Adam Dunn
Linsey Hunter would be a real nice addition if he didnt resign with Detroit to serve as the D-Wade Stopper.

Per DetroitBadBoys:
Thanks for the update JD.
Woooo ... tough question, Dude. But I'm picking Shaq to hit the free throw. He proved he can do it when it matters (sort of) in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. A-Rod has gotten some hits lately but until he does it against good pitching in the playoffs ... he's still A-Choker.

And as far as the Fantasy Football thing: Whatever you do, stay away from Jamal Lewis. That piss head ruined my season last year!
I'm taking Shaq. A-Rod is a queer.
I vote for Shaq. He'll miss his free throw but then the refs will call a lane violation and he'll shoot it again and make it.

p.s. that tom cruise is nuts man.
Gotta go with Shaq, fo'sho.
Where the hell did you get that picture???

Anyway, Shaq is my vote.

And I'd rank Ryan Howard above Griffey.

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