Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hey, I'm THE Dude

Did I say I'd post something new Wednesday? Sorry about that. But I'm here today, man!

Since it's a rather slow time for Miami sports and since I can't find any new original Miami Heat videos on YouTube, I've decided to give you some proverbial Blog Bullets instead. Happy Reading ...

That's it for now. Hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July.

Until next time.

-The REAL Dude

LOL!! Hey, I've been open longer, soooo *ttthhhhppppbbbttttt* (It'd really help if you had tongue-sticking-out smiley thing.) Anyway, you got a cool site, and I appreciate the publicity either way! Hey, shoot me an e-mail some time, there's something i wouldn't mind talkin to ya about.

Welcome back Dude. Hope you enjoyed your Key West trip.

You know I've had this eerie feeling in my stomach since the Ben Wallace deal went down. Not necessarily an eerie feeling that power is suddenly shifting in the Eastern Conference but the fact that the Bulls just overpaid for someone who is overrated defensively and below average offensively. So yeah, that eerie feeling in my stomach is more or else my body telling me to relax, and that Shaq and company will still dominate the Bulls, b/c they still have no answer. Good luck on that one Chicago.

On a lighter note, I think there are a whole shit load of Dudes out there. You guys should exchange links and start a Dude Ring on the net.

Good news on the D-Wade front, Miami Heat fans celebrate a little bit more. Was there any doubt that Wade was a Heatian for life? Not over here. Such a classact this kid is. The comments he made prior to signing his deal just show you his loyalty to the Heat. Lebron is having doubts in Cleveland (which I will be visiting on Tuesday).

Last thing, thanks for the plug and props for the SporTech! It's really appreciated over on this end. I like bouncing readers back and forth from our sites!

Hope you stayed dry today!

LOL, jd. That's actually sort of what I wanted to talk about. Geez, talk abotu stealing my thunder! :) In case you want that e-mail without looking for it, it's zoltetov at
More than one Dude??? Who cloned who? This is like a really bad Twilight Zone episode.

On the Wallace thing: I agree with the Dude (the REAL Dude) & JD on this one. The Bulls will be good but unless they can get a Udonis Haslem type -- a guy who rebounds and shoots well -- I'm not sure they're better than Detroit. If they're going to trade Chandler away, they're going to be a different team. The strength of the Bulls this year was their sharp shooting and their fast breaks. Wallace's presence is going to slow them down which takes away a strength.

Not only that, but outside of one game, Shaq flat out owned Wallace in the playoffs. And Wallace is a worse free throw shooter than Shaq if you can believe that. All they did was even the Eastern field AFTER Miami.

The Heat is still the best in the East
You're the REAL Dude in my book, Dude. You carried us through the Heat playoffs and that means everything, man ... EVERYTHING!

But as the Dude, you should take this in a very Dude-like manner and say "Fuck it."

Because, you know, that's your answer for everything. You have it tatooed on your forehead.
I was about to go all Mole on the jason pollack web site and say some mean shit because I am an asshole. And because I stand up for The Dude. But Jason seems like a cool guy and wants to reach out to the Dude. So, I'm good now.

That said, perhaps a Dude Web Ring IS the way to go. Just so that it can be cleared up that the MSD is in no way affiliatted with ("not that there's anything wrong with it")
It's all good Dude. Remember, there are two Dwyane Wade's too:

Dwyane Wade and Wade Jones.

I'd say you're Dwyane Wade and Jason is Wade Jones. Only because I am a loyal reader of the MSD :)
It is all good, fellas. Thanks for dropping by and defending the Dude.

Jason, it's cool. I guess I can live with two Dudes in the Blogdome Universe. If you're a South Floridian, all the better.

Just call me The Dude.

You know, that or, His Dudeness, or, Duder, or El Duderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing.
By the way, YA Tittle: Next time I'm in a bar fight, I hope you're there with me.
You know it Dude. Thanks!
Yeeeeah, I still think Chicago will be better then Detroit. But that's because they're young, and they're setup nicely for the long haul. But I'm not writing off the Pistons like everyone and their grammy is.

I never understood how anybody could think Wade would sign elsewhere. He said he didn't want to play for Chicago, which would be the only logical place for him to sign that wasn't Miami. And there's no way the Heat would ever trade him, so now I can relax and enjoy the next 6 seasons (at least) of D-Wade.

I seriously need to move and/or get DirectTV next season so I can watch more Heat games.
Thanks for sending some traffic over to Kissing Suzy Kolber, Dude. And I think from now on I'm going to follow your lead and capitalize The Funny.

The Dolphins preview is ready to go but won't be posted until next week; I'm sorry to say you probably won't like it.
Captain: I'm already anticipating the painful truth from you guys abut the Fins. And then I will defiantly defend them on the comment board until I am kicked out and banned for life!

Kalibleek: Yes, you need to get DirecTV. Although having you down here would be cool. It's a shame a dude from Cali is a bigger Heat fan than most who live here.
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