Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Better Know The Dolphins

Hey everybody ... I've been CRAZY busy at work. And, of course, there is absolutely NOTHING going on in the Miami sports scene at the moment. So, the posts are a little erratic and slow to come by.

But today, for your reading pleasure, check out Kissing Suzy Kolber's take on the Dolphins in their awesome Better Know A Football Team series. Funny stuff from my man Captain Caveman and my fellow Deadspinner commenters over there at KSK.

Okay ... see you when things cool down at work. Or as soon as the Jason Taylor divorce hearings start getting Michael Strahan ugly. Later!


Your telling me man. Things have been hella crazy at work for me since I got back from Cleveland. Haven't had the time nor inspiration to post anything new that required creativity. Hope everything is well with you Dude!
Thanks for the links, Dude. I really do have high hopes for the comedic potential of these Dolphins.

On a serious note, is the correct spelling Fins or 'Phins? I've seen it both ways, and both ways make sense. But that would be like "Socks" being an acceptable alternative to "Sox" in baseball. There can be only one.
As long as I can remember, it goes both ways. (That in itself is pretty damn funny) -- Fins and Phins.

As you said, it can be an abbreviation or a part of the anatomy of a porpoise.

The same could be said about our ex coach – Wandstett or Wandstache. Either way works.

I know it doesn't make sense to a 'Hawks fan but what do you want? Outside of the Cleveland Browns, we have the lamest nickname in all the NFL.
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