Saturday, June 03, 2006

NBA Finals Are Set

Looks like we're going to be playing against this guy.

Dirk Nowitzsky and The Mavericks won the Western Conference Championship by beating the Pheonix Suns 102 - 93 on Saturday night. The matchup is set. The Heat will start their quest for a title this Thursday in Dallas. The Mavericks won both of the regular season matchups against the Heat this season.

But that was a different time and this Heat team is a different team. I'll have more in the coming days, including a series preview. For now, let's just hope the guy who sings David Hasselhoff songs in his head while shooting free throws up there finds his way to South Beach often when down here.

Photo via Drunk Athletes

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Ha Ha! Great photo Dude!

It's gonna be a great series. Let's Go Heat!!!
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