Monday, June 12, 2006

Heat-Mavs Game 2

Overwhelmed & Injured

Too depressed to post any in-depth stuff … besides, what more analysis can I bring to this that isn’t already obvious? The Mavs are just too good, Shaq has been made a non-factor, D-Wade is getting frustrated, guys are missing free throws and we may have lost Udonis to a shoulder injury.

Anyway, Ira from the Sun Sentinel has more observations and managed to be more coherent in this loss, so read his stuff.

Despite all this, I’ll be going to Game 3 on Tuesday and will file a report on what will – hopefully – be the Heat’s first win of this so far wretched series.

(P.S.) Seriously, sorry about the short and delayed posts. has been having a lot of issues with their servers and assure me that they have their engineers working on the problem and thank me for my patience … )


From the looks of things ... and from what history teaches us ... we are d-o-n-e DONE.

It isn't impossible to win 3 in a row here at home. But I'm not holding my breath. We're just being over matched, out coached and out played by a better team.
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