Friday, June 02, 2006

Game 6

"It's Your Time."

"Sometimes you have a feeling that you're about to embark on the most important trip of your life. When this feeling hits you, all of a sudden you understand your purpose. The clarity of what you must achieve is overwhelming, and you have the first confident inklings of what must be done and ... even how to do it." -- Pat Riley

It’s been 18 Years of ups and downs, lottery picks, stars and duds, heated rivalries and heart clenching games.

And it’s also been 18 years of heartbreaks. Losing seasons under Ron Rothstein and Kevin Loughery. The Rony Seikaly years. The wasted seasons with talents like Glenn Rice and Steve Smith. The lottery bust in Harold Minor and the terrible trade for John Salley. Then the Riley years. Losses to the Bulls, the Knicks and the Pistons. Jordan’s dominance, Allen Houston’s bouncer, Jamal Mashburn’s reluctance. Alonzo Mourning’s ailments, Pat Riley’s stepping down, Game 7 of the 2005 Eastern Conference Finals.

Tonight, all that pain and heartache can be washed away. Tonight a new page can be turned. Greatness is defined by these moments.

Tonight belongs to the Miami Heat.



Yea! Let's Go Heat! It's OUR time!

I'm out. Off to the game ...
Wade has the flu. Shit! He's going to have to pull an MJ tonight.

Either way, Shaq is gonna dominate tonight.

Let's Go Heat!!!
I'm not too worried about D-Wade. This is exactly the type of moment he is made for. Like his idol, MJ, he's going to step up and be the hero, even with IV's stuck on his arms.

Besides, I agree with Tailor here. Tonight is all about Shaq. He's going to dominante and will this team over the top. Heat wins tonight.

Let's go Heat!
My biggest fear tonight is not the Pistons suddenly getting hot, or Dwayne Wade's flu. It's referee Dick Bavetta. He loves, loves, loves to blow that whistle of his and he loves to blow it against Shaq.

With that said ... we're gonna win. Wade will play through his ailment and will take over in the 4th.
D-Wade's gonna be fine.

Dude, well done with quickly summing up the heartache we've suffered through as Heat fans over the years. That Allan Houston bouncer still haunts me to this day. As does Jamal Mashburn passing the ball to Weatherspoon.

Tonight all that will be washed away for sure. And ck, don't worry about Bavetta ... our boys will play through that garbage.

Shaq will score 30+ and Udonis will have a huge game.

Go Heat!
Love that picture of Udonis! That is the epitome of his game. And make no mistake, the Pistons will let him make his shots, and he WILL hurt them for it tonight!

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