Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Game 6 Pre-Game Musings

Six links of interest leading to tonight's Game 6 in Dallas (with a bit of ranting by The Dude mixed in):

1.) On his BlogMaverick blog, Mark Cuban insists he did not throw a tantrum in NBA commissioner David Stern's direction after Game 5 in Miami and he slams the Herald's Greg Cote a little (which doesn't bother me in the least).

But Cuban's blog runs into a few problems here. First off, according to this article, Stern says that Cuban's post Game 5 outburst is 'unhealthy.' But Mr Stern, there was no outburst. Cuban said so himself on his blog! You must be the one who is unhealthy, sir!

Sounds to me like Cubes tried to avoid the inevitable fine that was coming his way. Too late. Of course, the NBA has been known for fining people $250,000 for no reason whatsoever.

Just be sure to watch your language around your three year old as you sign that check, Mr. Cuban.

Any one else tired of the act that is Mark Cuban?

2.) Maverick Moneyball sites the Cote article as 'One More Reason to Hate Miami.' The post begins with the words: "How about idiot Miami Herald reporter Greg Cote."

Nicely done, Maverick Moneyball.

Now here's one more reason for us to really, really, really hate Dallas. How about idiot Dallas Morning News reporter Tim Cowlishaw.

Here are a few points of profound wisdom from Cowlishaw's June 11 article:

“The Heat has no chance (have no chance? I don't know, why don't they get a real nickname?) in this series.”

“The Heat wants to play games in the 80s because it isn't good enough to score 90.”

“The two best teams [in the NBA] played in the second round of the Western Conference playoffs.”

"A confident Jason Williams shrugged off Jason Terry's 32-point performance that torched the Heat in Game 1. 'We're the two best teams, obviously, in the NBA this year,' he said.
Oh, gosh. It's a shame that's not even close to the truth."

Right back atcha Maverick Moneyball!

3.) Looks like Bill Simmons is talking (or is it typing?) out of his ass again. Really, Simmons has just become flat out annoying. The guy was once my hero. He's one of the main reason's I started blogging and even the title of this blog is inspired by him (the Boston Sports Guy). But his rants lately have just been lamer than lame. Or, as he might put it, his latest columns have become the Karate Kid 3 to his previous Karate Kid columns.

He has the Ewing Theory. Well, I have the Simmons Theory. Your career starts off red hot, you set the tone and almost singelhandedly change the way sports is written (by a fans' point of view) You cleverly infuse pop culture references into your pieces which, in turn, gets ripped off by a dozen other writers.

But then, you move to L.A. of all places, your Red Sox finally win the World Series, and the Celtics have just flat out SUCKED and haven't won anything since Reagan was in office, so you resort to lame, tired Isiah Thomas bashing (the one time you did it, it was funny, but then ...) and lame, tired The Sports Guy's Rules For Standing During An NBA Game but not before publishing a book everyone gets excited about only to realize it's a collection of your old columns.

When the Simmons Theory begins to creep into my bones, I will immediately stop blogging and take up cross country cycling or something. It's the humane thing to do.

4.) This guy from Orlando is really bitter at Shaq leaving the Magic. Time to let it go, big guy.

5.) True Hoop takes some jabs at Dan Le Batard. I really love reading True Hoop.

6.) Finally, Miami Heat Wave says it all for me. Shaq needs to step up tonight and deliver on a promise he personally made to all us Heat fans when he got here.


This series is turning into a season of Romper Room. Honestly do we need Marc Cuban being the center of attention in everything. The guy is a classless jerk. The funny thing is I used to have a ton of respect for him and what he was trying to do to the game. I really thought it was refreshing how he feels a part of the team, sits with the fans and gets involved in timeouts.

When he feels the need to stand on his pedestal that he thinks makes him more important then the rest of the NBA, that pisses me off. The funny thing is where was he when the Mavs were winning early in the series? He is like a big baby who got fucked with in the sandbox at school, made a pouting face, took his toys and went home crying to mommy.

One other thing that bothers me as an adult. His lack of respect for other individuals who find his behavior unacceptable whether it be around children or adults. As shown in his new blog post about cursing that guy has 0 respect for others and basically feels his shit doesnt stink. Since when is it ok to be a loud mouth cursing jackass in public? Since when do others enjoy hearing a loud mouth jackass spew nothing but foul words in public?

If anything I cannot wait for this series to end at the hands of the Heat simply to make Marc Cuban cry and sell his team.

Heat win tonight in a battle test. Nice post today Dude. Enjoyed it thoroughly!

Amen, JD. Well said.
I for one an REALLY tired of Cuban.

Bill Simmons has worn out his welcome a long time ago for me.

Tim Cowlishaw is an idiot. I hate him on Around The Horn and now I hate him even more!
Fair enough.

I expect papers to have a fair bit of hometown pride and distaste for the other team.

My main complaint with Cote was the irresponsibility, inaccuracy, and hypocrisy he did it with.

Congrats on the championship.
I understand what you're saying, Wes. Cote is viewed down here as a bit of a joke. So, you were right to say what you said about him. You'll never hear us argue with you when you call him an idiot.

Again, thanks for your post on your blog. Unlike other teams' blogs and fans (N4S, Det. Bad Boys, etc.), you showed real class & integrity.

The Mavs will be back!
I stand corrected. My apologies to you, Natalie.

And thank you.
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