Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Celebrating Dwyane Wade On Draft Day

Today is the NBA Draft. And while the Heat have no picks to speak of this year, we take a look back at good old 2003 when Miami used its 5th overall pick to select a guard out of Marquette University.

How did that pick work out? Three years later, that kid is the NBA Finals MVP and is being called the best player in the league.

Several things stand out to me about this day. First off, it brings back memories of watching it and being really, really happy about getting Wade. Once LeBron was off the board, I had my hopes set on Wade after watching him in the NCAA Tournament that year and falling in love with his game. The other thing that stands out is the guy’s coolness. The guy was born to thrive on pressure and tense moments. He's so cool during his interviews, it makes you appreciate what a fortunate pick this was for us. It’s that calmness that would help him shine on the biggest stage 3 years later in the Finals. And there’s also his humility. Wade has always been grounded and has carried himself with such class and maturity. You can’t help but be happy for him, his wife and his baby boy when his name is called and a dream is fulfilled. One more thing: I like the comments made by the ESPN analysts: "... there's really not a lot he can't do ... he's a physical two guard ... he's not afraid to take it to the hole, he can draw contact and finish." Sound familiar? Yea, somewhere Mark Cuban is still crouched in a fetal position in a closet of one his mansions mumbling to himself about D-Wade.

Also, check out these videos made by Heat fans. Two outstanding pieces that celebrate the greatness of Wade. Count how many ankles Wade breaks on all those killer crossovers (especially in the second video). After watching these vids, it’s a wonder anyone even bothers to make an argument against Wade as the best player in the NBA. The kid is galactically phenomenal ....

By the way, if you’re interested in tonight’s draft, here is NBA.com’s latest mock draft report.


Good videos...

Two things though:

#1: These videos show exactly why Wade should be running the offense. I miss the crossover. There wasn't nearly enough of it this season.

#2: I kind of miss the more firey, dunk-everything-on-everyone Wade from his rookie season, and to a lesser extent last season.

I know it'll prolong his career, but still...hopefully he breaks it out every now and again.
You are so on the money, kalibleek. D-Wade is so explosive and needs to show it more. I remember being floored by his crossovers when he first came into the league, followed by that quick step and boom! It's good to know he can kill teams with such a deep repretoire. Great finds, Dude. That rocked!
When I watched the 2003 draft footage, I immediately thought about how mad I was when the Heat beat the Raptors in a meaningless regular season game at the end of the '02-'03 season. Miami and Toronto had identical records going into that game (Miami's finale), and I felt like Toronto (then coached by Lenny Wilkens) clearly held their better players out of the game at the end allowing the Heat to win and ultimately get a worse draft pick. I remember Riley was asked about this after that game, and he basically said that there was no way that Miami would intentionally lose games for a better draft pick.

In hindsight, Toronto picking ahead of Miami in the '03 draft worked out pretty damn great. Riley has admitted that he would've taken Bosh ahead of Wade if Bosh hadn't been taken by Toronto. It's really amazing how little things like that meaningless regular season game (or Anthony Carter's agent missing a deadline) can make such a huge difference in the long run.
Good point, linus. Everyone forgets that we could've had Bosh instead of Wade. Luck plays a big role in being a champion. And just like Patriots fans with Brady, I'm thanking the sports gods for sending us Wade.
WOW. It's like you were in my head Dude. I have been meaning to post D-Wade videos from YouTube for the last week or so, but you beat me to it. It's ok...lol. But, wow, what coincedence! I still found some other cool D-Wade videos. He has SO MANY on YouTube!
D-Wade is Tubeilicious.
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