Sunday, May 28, 2006

Overloaded on Turkey, Heavy Gravy & Wine, The Exhausted Pistons Beat Themselves Again As The Heat Take A 2-1 Series Lead

Insider Information you’ll only get here at the MSD (and most Detroit area newspapers): Pat Riley prepared his team by giving each player two cans of Red Bull with a colada chaser. Meanwhile, the Pistons were served warm milk and Big Macs for their pre-game meal. How else can we explain the Heat’s 98-83 win Saturday night? There is no other explanation. Right?

Shaquille O’ Neal did not dominate. Ben Wallace was just fatigued. You know, all those hours on a privately chartered plane from Detroit to Miami can take its toll on a guy.

Dwyane Wade scored 35 points only because Tayshaun Prince was drowsy. The inter-planetary system he resides from is 3000 light years from earth. The trip itself has no scenery whatsoever and the tolls are a bitch.

Chauncey Billups almost pulled the Pistons through as he had the hot hand in the 4th quarter. He pulled Detroit within one but because he was so fatigued and exhausted from carrying that large head of his on his shoulders all day, his legs simply just gave way. This tends to happen to people who have overly large craniums and no chins.

Rasheed Wallace was simply drained from all the talking he’s done throughout the course of the season. His overworked jaw muscles would not allow his arms to fully work, forcing him to only go 4-11 in the game.

Rip Hamilton was downright worn out. That mask of his is just too heavy, turning his legs into frail, feeble spindly rubber, thus allowing the Heat to actually score more than two or three baskets! Damn sweaty-creepy mask!

So, once again, the somnolent, drained and worn out Pistons just could not make their shots, allowing the obviously well rested and wired-up Heat to make theirs. Hell, at one point, all five Pistons starters fell asleep on the court. And that damn Miami crowd would not let them nap. But Flip has a plan, we’re sure.

Series: Heat 2 – Pistons 1
Game 4 Monday Night.


ah, nothing like sunday afternoon sarcasm.

gotta win monday and go back to motown up 3-1

Well said, Dude. But I did hear Chauncey giving the Heat credit (finally) for this one. Still, that was funny.

I've been trolling Pistons blogs and keep reading how the fans are calling Wade soft and giving him shit for his Game 2 post-game comments. They call him a whiner and say things like he gets all the calls from the refs. I love it.

I love it! They hate him because they fear him.

Let's Go Heat
Let me get this straight, Pistons fans are complaining about Wade being a whiner??? HA HA!! That's precious.

They rip us for being "fair weather" fans down here in SoFla.

I guess we can rip them for being a bunch of ignorant morons.
I've been doing some of that trolling myself and I have found it quite amusing that PISTON fans are calling Wade a whiner. Talk about being a hippocrite.

Great win last night guys. The Pistons are in trouble. Riles is totally outcoaching Flip the hairdresser.

Excellent recap Dude!
If they can come with the same energy on Monday, we'll be good to go. The Pistons aren't going away quietly, but we can take this thing if Toine, Udonis and J-Dub keep doing what they've done in Games 1 & 2.

U and Toine combined for 21 points last night. As long as we can get a third player (or combined) to go 20+ along with D-Wade and Shaq every night, we'll be good to go.

Lets GO Heat!
i loved shaqs' energey yesterday. him and dwayne wade are great combo and i am so glad they have the respect they have for eachother.

i heard some nut on the readio tonight ask people to call hin if think game 4 is a "must^ win^ game". every game in the playoffs MUST BE A WIN . llol
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