Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Mexico Is Coming To Town

That's right! After not being drafted over the weekend, Michael Vick's (aka Ron Mexico) little brother Marcus is coming to audition for the Miami Dolphins.

Is this what Matt Millen's stupidity and Daunte Culpepper's knee has turned us into???

No, actually, this is what Brock Berlin and Cleo Lemon has turned us into.

There is a chance that if he doesn't make the Fins and no other NFL team offers him a contract, that he'll opt for the CFL.

Ricky Williams and Marcus Vick in the CFL. Brilliant! Sort of makes me regret there's no longer an XFL. Sort of. You just know those Mexico Jr. jerseys would be the XFL's all-time best sellers. Too bad.

If Vick does get a contract from the Fins, the next logical question will have to be which McDonalds is he going to hit first? We're betting it's going to be the one on 299 SW 8th Street. Because all our pro atheltes have to visit Calle Ocho at least once during their time here.

Anway, we'll keep you posted here on the whole thing.

(special thanks to Unsilent Majority of Dead Spin fame and Tom In Nashville for breaking this to us!)


I guess we are THAT desperate for a backup. This guy spells trouble. I'm not too thrilled to have him possibly be a Dolphin.
This guy is a hose bag. He's gotten as far as he could go on his big brother's back. He's nothing but trouble.
Aside from bringing "New Mexico" into the fray of mini-camp this weekend(props to Dave from OrangeAndTeal for coining that phrase), I just read where we yanked the trade offer with the Lions for Harrington off the table after Matt Millen tried to jack us by swinging a better deal with Cleveland. You go Saban! Don't take any $hit from that jack a$$!
Actually, I think Dead Spin's Will Leitch came up with "New Mexico."

I agree that Millen's a jack ass. Hopefully they can release Harrington and we can get him without compensation.

As far as Vick, the guy has all the tools in the world. As long as he just remains our backup and nothing more, I'm cool with it.
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