Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Mexico In South Beach ... Send All Bicycle Units To Area McDonalds Restaurants, Immediately!

I am one of Nick Saban’s biggest apologists … I turn into Dan LeBatard when it comes to Saban, and that's not very easy to do ... well, then again, yes it is. It's easy to turn into a douche bag if you really try hard at it. And it doesn't take all that much effort, really ...

Anyway ... I have come to Saban's defense in just about everything he's done. I mean I have a man crush on the guy and have defended his every move with the ritual chant of “IN NICK WE TRUST!”

On Monday, Nick signed Marcus Vick to a free agent contract.

Here’s what Saban said about it: “I want to make it very clear that we will not condone any behavior issues in the future relative to Marcus Vick.”

In other words: “If Vick holds up a, oh I dunno, a McDonalds or a Burger King, then we will not excuse it. Or if he stomps on the leg of an opposing player, then he will not be pardoned. But we signed him anyway because, you know, we're cool like that …”

I’ve read through some other blogs comments on this issue and I gotta say, as much as I respect most of these commentators and fans, I am not in agreement with the coach on this one.

Call me a skeptic, call me a negative person … but New Mexico is trouble. The guy has always been trouble and we’ve just invited him to work and live in South Beach! The guy got in trouble living in Blacksburg, Virginia for crying out loud! I mean, really, what's a Hokie to do but tip cows and chuck corn? Imagine Vick on Ocean Drive.

I’m all about second chances, but New Mexico has exceeded those chances and this is just something we don’t need on this team.

I don’t subscribe to Saban’s disclaimer of “Marcus acknowledges that he has made some mistakes, all of which has resulted in severe consequences for him.”

Sounds a lot like Jimmy Johnson when he spoke of one Cecil Collins: "Cecil admitted he made a lot of mistakes, stupid mistakes. But he wants to put his life back in order. "

I believe Cecil is currently serving time in the Corn Hole Poker Hotel.

It's what cops call a "habitual offender."

New Mexico in South Beach is a mistake and, really, a move we could’ve made without.

So here now, Dolfans, is your QB depth chart:

Daunte “Bad Knee” Culpepper
Joey “Noodle Arm, Brain Locked, Happy Feet” Harrington
Cleo “I'm So Good They Had To Trade for Harrington And Sign New Mexico” Lemon
Brock “I’m Just Happy To Be Here” Berlin
Marcus “New Mexico” Vick

In Nick We Trust?


yea ... the signing sucks. but oh well. he'll be off the team when the final roster cuts are due -- much like maurice claurett with denver last year.
Ya know I am part of the Saban Man Crush club b/c honestly, I feel abused as a fan after the Wannstasheilman era. There might not much much risk in this move and he might serve as a great QB on the practice squad and write diaries with Brock. But can anyone say that if he puts in a great camp and comes out as a legit threat like Randle El is they wouldn't welcome him with open arms?

I agree with tick tho, i doubt he makes the final roster. Nice post Dude.

/me ducks from the crowd.
Give the kid a chance. We have all had our problems when we were young.wHEN HE RETURNS A KICKOFF FOR A TOUCHDOWN, THINGS WILL CHANGE. SUPER BOWL CHAMPS 2007
I hear you, anonymous. We were all bone heads when we were kids. I just hope I'm wrong about him and I really, really hope you're right.

Go Fins!!
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