Monday, May 08, 2006

Heat-Nets Series Preview: Flash vs. The Chucker

We all know what Vince Carter did to the Heat during the regular season. And chances are he's going to take 99.3 shots per game in this series. But the way the Heat defends the perimeter, wouldn't you try and do what Vince-anity has done?

Still, I like the Heat in this series. It's just a vibe. Homer? Yes! But I really think the Heat match up well against New Jersey. And forget the Bulls series. Miami just ran into a young, spirited, scrappy team -- and eventually woke up and won the series. The Heat know what to expect from New Jersey. And if I'm Pat Riley, I'd keep Vince from getting to the basket and force him to do what he does best (after dunking, of course), and that's chucking. I can live with that.

Besides, who outside of New Jersey and Detroit doesn't want to see a Cleveland-Miami Eastern Finals? C'mon. Think about it. Okay, here's the breakdown ...

Point Guards
NJ: Jason Kidd
Miami: Jason Williams, Gary Payton
Edge: Kidd & Payton are dead even as they're both running on fumes. J-Will played well in Games 1 & 2 of the Bulls series and then disappeared. EVEN

Two Guards
NJ: Vince Carter
Miami: Dwayne Wade
Edge: Flash beats the Chucker any day! MIAMI

Small Forward
NJ: Richard Jefferson
Miami: Antoine Walker & James Posey
Edge: Two against one? C'mon! That's easy! Edge goes to Mia ... oh, wait ... Toine and Posey vs. Jefferson? Never mind. NEW JERSEY

Power Forward
NJ: Jason Collins
Miami: Udonis Haslem
Edge: Collins is surprisingly effective as a post defender. But U plays an all around better game, via rebounds, free throw shooting and overall scoring. As long as he doesn't throw projectiles at the refs, we like U.

NJ: Nenad Krstic
Miami: The Diesel, Zo and, lest we forget, Michael Dohhhhleac!!!!!

NJ: Cliff Robinson
Miami: Payton, Mourning, Doleac, Posey
Edge: Cliff Robinson is still in the league????? I see a Wade highlight reel with Robinson plastered all over it in the near future. MIAMI

NJ: This guy
Miami: This guy

Prediction: Heat in 6.


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