Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Heat-Nets Game 5 Preview … under water …

In case you don’t live in South Florida or if you do live here but were too busy getting hammered and kicking a cop in the groin, or if you did live here but you’ve been eaten by an alligator: we’ve been covered under a storm of Biblical proportions down here the last two days. And it sucks.

This means that getting to tonight’s Game 5 between the Heat and the Nets is going to be wet, dirty, nasty and terribly slow, thus making it all quite sucky. Torrential rain and South Floridian drivers – it’s what makes this place so friggin awesome to live in, doesn’t it? They better win dammit!

Anyway, the Dude and his buddy Tek will be leaving the office at around 6:25 PM to beat the kayakers and hover crafts to the AAA. That's right. We're braving the downpour and the I-95 traffic because we're Heat fans goddammit! Now get the hell out of the way!!!

Meanwhile, looking ahead, we see that the Piston’s Rasheed Wallace’s “guarantee” ranting with the media was, in fact, just ‘Sheed really taking a dump into a box and stamping it ‘Guaranteed.’ Bron-Bron’s Cavs tied the series last night and that bodes well for Miami. And it’s why a win tonight would be great on several levels:

1.) Clinch the series and get plenty of rest. Because we’re going to need it against Detroit. And let’s face it – Detroit is winning this series. Wade is a bit banged up and we don’t want to repeat last season’s Game 7 sad outcome 2.) Make a statement. While the Pistons struggled against a weaker opponent, we beat the No. 3 seed in four straight games. 3.) Game planning. Give a coach like Riley enough time to game plan and we’re all the better for it.

The Herald says the Nets will likely single-cover Shaq tonight. Lawrence Frank basketball. Say what you will about Doogie Houser, but the guy has balls – even if he does look like a balding 13 year old.

And I expect the Nets to come out strong tonight. Jason Kidd has already pulled out the “our backs are against the wall,” and “we need to win out,” and “we’re not done yet” clichés – which means the Heat need to match their intensity. The Antoine of Game 4 needs to make an appearance. As does the Udonis Haslem of Game 4 and the Gary Payton of Game 4, but only the Gary Payton that shot the game sealing three pointer, not the Gary Payton that took 12 ill-advised shots prior to that three pointer (again, Gary, we love you because you wear a Heat uniform … but this is NOT 1995).

The Heat’s defense is still allowing way too many points in the paint. And Vince Carter is having his way with them. I am not sold on Vince being a super star. He’s a glorified Dominick Wilkins without the Hall of Fame credentials. James Posey needs to get physical with him while Udonis needs to be all over the boards tonight.

And as for this rain … stay safe, stay dry and know that it should be gone soon. Like in the next couple of days. It is South Florida and it is May, after all.

Either that, or it’s a sign of the end of times … which means Jason Kidd will hit 9 of 17 shots for 22 points including 4 threes again tonight.



Have fun at the game Dudes! I just got a call at work from my buddy looking to sell 2 tickets for $500 bucks a piece. While I have the money for it it just doesn't seem like a Need right now. Plus I do not want to embarass myself when I start throwing things at a TV set that isn't there.
yea, you can get arrested for stuff like that, jd.

i myself don't have tix either. so i'll be watching it at home. nice and dry.

have fun swimming to the game, Dude.

I'll be there too. All wet and shit. Damn. Oh well. If the real Antoine shows up again, I WILL throw things at a TV set that isn't there.

Go Heatians!!!
I agree that the heat need to take care of business tonight so they can get rested up for the next series. Chances are good that it'll be Detroit so hopefully the Heat will be refreshed while facing a hopefully banged up Pistons team.
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