Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Heat 89 - Pistons 78

Tom Brady's favorite NBA team is one win away from the Finals!

Hubie Brown is disgusted.

More coming later... Work sucks...

For Your Reading Pleasure:

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Pat Riley Looking Like A Legend Again [The Herald … yes, I know it’s Le Batard, but it’s a pretty good piece. Just pretend your grandma wrote it to keep the happy thoughts in your mind …]


Guys, I am so stoked right now! As a fan since 1988 (and season ticket holder since 1993), I am as happy as I've ever been as a sports fan. This is incredible! I know it's far from over and you can never count out a team as talented and head strong as these Pistons, but the feeling is there. I can taste it! One more win!

Yea, rojo ... it's an exciting time. I hope we can wrap it up on Wednesday. Shaq looks like a man posessed. And D-Wade? simply a-maze-ing.
Those two are on another plane right now. The vibe at the AAA is different too. Just watching this team play with that drive and hunger convinces me they just want it more.

Detroit has looked flat most of the time and they make runs on sheer talent. But then they run out of gas. We just need to keep feeding Shaq, minimizing the turnovers, hitting our free throws(!) and keep playing with the same energy & we'll be on our way!

Let's Go Heat!
I thought Le Batard always says that coaching/coach worship is overrated in sports. what a fucking tool!
I agree that it's going to be tough to win that 4th game ... but the bell is definately tolling for Deeetroit. We got 3 games to win one. No way D-Wade and Shaq let this team get too complacent. Shaq's been there before. He'll once again lead the way.

Let's Go Heat
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