Thursday, May 25, 2006

A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY: Game 2 Preview/Predictions

Game 2 tonight. The Heat are expecting a vastly different Pistons team than what they saw in Game 1.

So am I.

So, here’s my Game 2 preview/predictions:

-For starters, Stephen A. Smith is going to be doing a lot of shouting again in the pre-game. And, "at the end of the day," say a whole lotta nothing in the process.

-They’re going to keep showing that T-Mobile commercial where Vince Carter tells somebody that his dog is bulimic.

-The Pistons are going to shoot at a much higher percentage than in Game 1

-The Heat’s role players will remember that they are, in fact, inconsistent, and will shoot at a much lower percentage than in Game 1.

-Despite Detroit’s double-teaming, and frustrating of D-Wade, he’s still going to manage to score 20+ points. The only real question will be how many of those are going to come in the final minutes of the 4th.

-Shaq is going to continue to dominate the paint as he seems to have figured out how to move around without Dick Bavetta’s whistle up his ass all the time.

-Alonzo Mourning will continue his superior play as he looks rejuvenated, in rhythm and healed from that pesky torn calf muscle. “Torn calf muscle, bad! Argghhh!!!”

-Udonis Haslem will turn around his porous offense tonight. He has to.

-Chauncey Billups will be very aggressive and Jason Williams will not be able to handle it.

-Rasheed Wallace will get called for one technical tonight. He will also bitch, moan and whine about 3 different fouls called against him.

-Flip Saunders will prove that he is not, in fact, a mannequin.

-All in all, tonight is a golden opportunity for the Heat to once and for all, crush the Pistons under foot and take a 2-0 lead back to Miami. The energy will be high tonight. But the Pistons were made for this kind of game. A balls to the wall, do or die situation. It’s why they’re the two time Eastern Conference champions and it’s why they’ve been the favorites to win it all again. I think Detroit takes this game and ties up the series. But the damage has been done, and all the Heat will have to do from here on out is protect home court and win every game in Miami.

Still, even with this loss, I predict the following:

1.) All prior NBA championship talk here in Miami will immediately cease. Followed by a strong sense of anger and resentment over why this team can never win. This will mean good news for all Miami Dolphins websites as hits will triple in the next 24 hours ...

2.) The talk radio calls on Friday will all consist of people panicking and wanting to throw Pat Riley into the Miami River in a sack, hang Antoine Walker off the Freedom Tower and wanting to trade old man Shaq to the Knicks for whatever younger center they have (even though they have no true center. But, hey, it's Miami, we're allowed to be stupid.)

This, in turn, will lead to folks showing up late to Game 3 on Saturday. But, hey, they’ll look good. And that’s all that really matters.

Anyway … we real fans (all 50 of us) know the deal. If Miami pulls it off tonight, we’re that much closer. If not – and none of us will be surprised if Detroit wins tonight – we know it’s still a best of seven series and that our boys did what good teams are supposed to do: win on the road and take back home court.

Let’s Go Heat!

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I may still be riding that Game 1 win high, but I really think the Heat are going to win tonight. The Pistons were more than dead-legged. They were out played. Yes, they were tired. But come on. This is the NBA playoffs and it’s not like they didn’t have ANY rest. So many analysts are saying how the Heat just looked refreshed. The same idiots who said the Heat’s rest would hurt them and take them out of rhythm. The Heat were the better team on Tuesday. Period. I think we shock the world and take a 2-0 lead tonight.
The Heat will win tonight. While the Pistons look to shut down Wade, I think Antoine will continue his hot streak and I also think this turns into Shaq’s game. He looked unstoppable in Game 1 and is only getting started. You can’t double up on both Wade and Shaq.
I agree with you, Dude. I’d love to see the Heat win and go 2-0 but it won’t surprise me if the Pistons win. Still, we did out job and are still very much in control of this series. With that said, I don’t think Miami will just roll over and play dead tonight.

I agree with rojowill. I think the Heat pull this one out tonight however I wouldn't be surprised if the Pistons tie it up. I think our X Factor this series is GP. I think you can honestly say that dude is hella lazy during the regular season b/c he has looked exceptional in the playoffs. I was almost thinking that Pat should start GP over JWill but I'd rather save him for the stretch run in the 4th.

From sources I've read the Pistons practices have been lackluster at best after the first game loss and there is no energy or sense of urgency what so ever.

Honestly, and not to sound too much like a homer and Riles fan, but I think coaching alone will decide the series and it favors the Heat.
The Pistons will come out strong tonight. But I think they’ll run out gas in the 4th. Wade then takes over and the Heat come home 2-0. And I will be there … ON TIME!
Great read, hopefully Miami does'n tget blown out tonight like the Nets did after game 1. Winning one game in Detroit is not fun, winning two is fun-NY! :)
the only way I see the heat getting blown out tonight is if Shaq gets into early foul trouble and i'm talkin 3 or 4 in the 1st half. otherwise, the heat's confidence is sky high right now. winning 2 in detroit would be sweeeet indeed.

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