Monday, May 22, 2006

Get Ready To See A Whole Hell Of A Lot Of THIS Guy’s Annoying-Ass Mug

After flirting with the possibility of seeing Bron-Bron in the Conference Finals (and having to endure all that media hype fest crap on the Chosen One, King James, Witness, etc.), it wasn’t meant to be. The Pistons finally became interested again and took care of the Cavs yesterday.

And that’s the way it was supposed to be anyway, wasn’t it? All season long, everyone knew it would come down to this. Heat-Pistons.

I’m just glad the Cavs took them the distance. Wade’s leg needed the rest as did Shaq’s body and Zo’s calf. And don’t hand me that “rusty” and “out of rhythm” crap either. Our boys will be ready to play.

As the game winded down yesterday, the TV showed a Detroit fan holding a sign that read: “BRING ON THE HEAT.”

And you know what? HELL YEA!

LET’S GET IT ON! (Game 1 Tuesday)


The Pistons looked "beatable" in this series against the Cavs. If Toine can carry over what he did from the Nets series and D-Wade and Shaq do they're thing (with out the refs fucking it up), then I really do like our chances.

Let's Go Heat!
Some other great shots from the game:

Anyone else nervous? Seems like anytime we play the Pistons I get hella nervous. Nice post Dude!
I'm not too nervous. I agree with Izzy that the Pistons look beatable. If we can take one game from the Palace and protect home court, I like our chances in seven.
i called 790 the ticket yesterday saying: "i hope rasheed wallace misses every free throw he attempts at the american airlines arena", they cut me off though.

this will be great basketball
hopefully be a great series- will it be better than dallas and SA?
790 sucks ape nuts sometimes.

it has the potential of going 7 like dallas and san antonio. but we need more than wade and shaq to step up. seems like they're the only ones that do when we play detroit.
Let's get it on! Can't wait for's gonna be madness!
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