Friday, May 12, 2006

The Diesel & The Wookie

Random Thoughts As I Sit Around And Wait For Game 3 To Start ...

-The Net’s have lost Cliff Robinson for the remainder of the series. C-Rob was busted for violating the NBA’s drug testing policy. Will he now head for Canada too?

-The loss of Robinson looms large for New Jersey. No, seriously it does. Their interior defense is now even more suspect. The vaguely known Lamont Murray and the Who-The-Hell-is-That-Guy? John Thomas will likely get a lot more playing time. We HAVE to take advantage of this, no? Shaq, Zo, Udonis and Doleac need to dominate.

-The big questions going into Game 3 are: How will the refs call Shaq’s game? and How will the Daddy respond if the whistles are blown frequently? That’s right refs … keep on blowing. It’s what you’re best at.

-D-Wade needs to continue his aggressive play tonight and Shaq needs to be, well ... Shaq. He’s already anticipating the Nets defense will look to flop and flounder against him. But Shaq ain’t worried. No man can guard him. No Wookie can guard him either.

-I think D-Wade is going to have a big game tonight. I anticipate a lot of double teams and defensive swarming (like in Game 1) but I also anticipate Wade carrying over his great performance from Wednesday night. While Shaq will be the center of each possession, Wade is and always will be The Man. Richard Jefferson is still hobbled, so Wade needs to take advantage.

... And in other SoFla Sports News: Matt Millen finally realized he has no power over the Nicktator and went ahead and traded Joey Harrington to the Fins for a 6th round pick next year.

My thoughts on this are simple: We needed a backup for Culpepper and a 6th round pick is just right in this situation. Harrington is an okay QB. But quite frankly, I hope to High Heaven that he never plays a down for the Fins unless it’s pre-season or we’re up by 45 points in the 4th quarter of a regular season game. I liken Harrington to insurance. It’s a pain to make those payments and you hope you never have to use it … but it’s nice to have. Culpepper’s knee, after all, is a liability.

Let’s All Pray for Dr. Andrew’s hands … Let’s all pray we never see Joey in a game.



looks like millen is about to have harrington wacked in that picture ... a la fredo corleone.
Cliff Robinson fell victim to the truest home-court advantage in the NBA: South Beach baby!

Let's Go Heat!
Cliff Robinson fell victim to the truest home-court advantage in the NBA: South Beach baby!

Let's Go Heat!
the nets bench is depleted. heat in 5?
bullitt316, looks like you've been hitting south beach pretty hard too with all the studdering your doing on this comment board .. ha ha
Respect the wookie!!!

damn that shaq-chewbacca sound bite is fucking hilarious!!!
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