Friday, April 28, 2006

With the 16th Pick The Dolphins Select …

One of the coolest parts after the draft is when the player selected poses for the photo with the team’s coach, holding up the player's new team jersey. Dreams come true, for both the player and the fans.

Come Sunday, we’ll have a photo like that, with the Dolphins’ 2006 first rounder posing with Nick Saban and giving renewed hope to all of DolphinNation.

And so as you prepare for your draft parties while saucing your baby back ribs, placing the Heineken in the freezer and dusting off your Mel Kiper Jr. impersonation, feast on this:

The MSD’s Complete Miami Dolphins Draft Coverage.

We have mock drafts, scouting reports, predictions … the works!

(Also, be sure to check out our friends at Orange And Teal on Saturday as they will be presenting a LIVE, REAL TIME running blog during the draft).


Love the coverage, MSD. No other Dolphins fanpage or blog has more draft stuff than you, today.

Well done. Except for one thing.

Godfather, Vince Young????

I highly doubt it.
shit, I sure hope Young is there at 16. But he won't be. Still, can't blame the logic here. Anything is possible in the weird world of the NFL draft.
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