Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Spielman Offers His Two Cents on ESPN ... and Loses $500 In the Process

More random thoughts as Draft Day approaches ...

Former Dolphins GM Rick Spielman has apparently found work during his post-Dolphins-train-wreck days. Spielman dispenses his knowledge on ESPN’s daily SportsCenter Draft Specials. He joins the ranks of other luminary football minds like Sean Salisbury and Mike Golic.

Among their every day topics and musings:

The prudence on this show has no limits. And, apparently, neither does ESPN's propensity for hiring any one -- and we mean any one -- who is either A.) an unsightly ex-jock or B.) an ex-GM who was fired from his old job after nearly singlehandedly destoying a franchise. (ie: our boy Rick & the Mets' Steve Phillips).

The World Wide Leader will trot anyone in front of a camera these days. Not to mention blow hard sports writers, worn out novelty acts and guys who just scream at the camera. Oh, and lest we forget, this nimrod. What's the criteria for being hired by Disney/ABC/ESPN these days?

("If you can say the word 'boobies,' you're hired.")

Anyway, for more pre-draft fodder and fun, check out these sites the MSD has found surfing this thing called the world wide webs:


P.S. A very hardy and special thanks to whomever sent this blog into Deadspin.com today! We love Deadspin -- it is the Dude's favorite non-Dolphins website -- and we appreciate that you actually waste three or more minutes of your precious time to read our crap on a daily basis. Seriously. Thank you, dear readers and fellow Dolfanatics! We are because you make us so.

Much love!


Way to go MSD!

Deadspin.com Wow. That's like being called up to the Majors -- for like a day. But still. Nice going.

Nice going ... made the big time at last.

keep up the good work MSD Dude
Thanks for the prop Bobby Bouche. And thanks for your readership.
I meant props ...
just caught some of spielman on the espn draft show ... now it all makes sense to me!

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