Monday, April 24, 2006

Saban Uses Scouts' Reports As Toilet Paper

We’re just days away from the NFL Draft and we’re already getting the pre-draft trudge coming from the local fish-wrappers. Like this piece from the Sun-Sentinel about Nick Saban’s draft board. Not sure if I got anything out of it except that we still don’t know who the hell Saban will draft with the 16th overall pick.

So, expect these types of pre-draft articles every season as long as Saban is Sheriff ‘round these parts. Long winded, somewhat insightful, sometimes boring, and always empty caloric fillers (sort of like a Three Musketeers). As long as the Nick-Tator is in charge, we won't ever know who the Dolphins will ever draft until the NFL commish walks up to the podium and announces it. We at the MSD will have our own version of empty caloric fillers later this week (sort of like a Moon Pie) as we’ll be providing more scouting reports, analysis and mock drafts to fill your need, leading up to Saturday.

But before we delve deeper into the mysteries of the Dolphins draft, we take a look back at Nick Saban’s pre-draft press conference from last week. You can find the entire transcript on

The press conference was the usual non-informative, cliché-filled rant that Saban likes (and has) to do. But the best part of it came at the end when he was asked about evaluating players objectively given the swarm of media coverage on most players.

Saban: "I just got into it with the scouts upstairs that all of a sudden I've got this thing from the [scouting] combine of what every guy ran the 40 in, and it's electronically timed. I'm looking at a guy and we have a different time on him than he ran in Indy." A scout told Saban "this is our time" for the prospect. "I say, `You mean, we're sitting in peanut heaven timing a guy in the 40 and we don't trust the electronic timer, but we think that we can time him better from 200 yards away?' And you know what their answer was? `Well, they even start that with a button.'"

But omitted the best part of this quote. The last part:
Saban asked his scouts, “So I should take this [scouting report] and wipe a certain part with it because it really doesn’t mean anything? I’ve been going by this thing the whole draft and you guys are telling me we don’t trust it?”

First of all, we love the fact that Saban believes in a Peanut Heaven. Secondly, this statement justifies our non-sexual, non-homo man-crush that we have on the guy. Not even team scouts are immune from the wrath of the Nick-Tator. The man has a championship franchise to build, people! Let’s get on the ball here!!

We love Nick Saban!

We hope you’ll log in during the week to read and peruse the MSD’s Miami Dolphins draft coverage. Until then, we gotta run. The mid-afternoon coffee break coffee & brand muffin just kicked in. We’re out of Charmin, but we just printed out this blog and will be using it after concluding our business …


Dave Wandstett would've taken those scouting reports and used them to draft Ron Mexico
this is exactly why the fins are in great hands with a great coach. the previous regime would've seen the two differing scouting reports and run around the war room confused and panicked and jumping around like the monkeys from the beginning of 2001: A space odessy
Caught this the other day while reading Deadspin. Nice reporting! The Dolphins must've taken it off the transcript page. I later saw the comment on the video replay of the press conference and started cracking up when Saban said it. Good stuff.
good stuff, MSD ... very funny! I can't believe no one else has covered this. I can't imagine Bill Cowher saying something like that. Hilarious.
dirty doo, I think you meant jamal fletcher ... oh, wait ... wandstett DID draft him.





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