Thursday, April 27, 2006

Random Evidence of A Moron On Wheels

I’ve often stated (and over stated) my belief on this blog that sports writers and columnists for major newspapers should not be allowed to have blogs. With the exception of two guys in the industry who have excellent blogs (Armando Salguero and ESPN’s Peter Gammons) it should be against the law for a guy who gets paid to cover local sport teams, have almost unlimited access to said teams and who has their crap read by nearly millions every day, to be allowed to step into the real fan’s realm of blogdome.

My proof, as usual, is the South Florida newspaper columnist version of Seinfeld’s Kenny Bannia – the Herald’s Greg Cote.

The latest evidence comes from his recent article on Ricky Williams. Strictly speaking, the piece itself is not a blog, but the guy writes one and this article is proof that he does enough damage with his traditional columns to begin with.

This sphincter suggested that the Dolphins use their 16th overall pick to select RB DeAngelo Williams to replace Ricky.

That’s right. Let’s select another running back for the second straight season, pay him first round money to be a backup and completely ignore our other needs at corner back, safety, outside linebacker, offensive line and wide receiver.

This coming from a guy who makes his weekly NFL picks with the help of an imaginary bird and a dart board.


Greg Cote: "My football insight is the best, Jerry! The best!"
Nice Seinfeld reference, TF!! I love it. I'm thinking of having a future contest for the best Seinfeld references in the comments section ... we'll see ...
I can't choose which is worse: his godawful singing on LeBatard's show or his blogs. The guy just annoys me in a Jay Marriotti kind of way -- and he's not even a blow hard.
has deadspin done a 'why your hometown columnist sucks' piece on cote yet? they should.
is there Rocky Mountain News and says only the Fins have shown interest. He also had a terrible combine and could only do 16 bench presses, worse than any other DL. Wheels in Miami
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