Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Massacre?

The Heat faces Orlando tonight (7:30, Sun Sports Network).

Now here's the question: Can we put away the weaker teams by the half/3rd quarter? Sure, we beat Detroit and seemingly turned the tide in 2006 ... but our boys have had a hard time putting away the mediocre teams, which the elite teams are supposed to do!

Put the Magic away early, rest the stars during the 4th and make a statement: Sunday was not a fluke!

Final Thoughts:

Five Questions Going Into Tonight:

1.) Will Shaq play like The Diesel or fall asleep after the opening tip as he has grown accustomed to doing this year against teams not named 'Pistons.'
2.) How will D-Wade come out at the opening tip? (my guess: hotter than hotter than hot)
3.) Which obscure Magic player will be the Crazy X-Factor that will give us fits tonight?
4.) What will Antoine's final numbers be?
5.) How many empty seats will we be able to count at the AAA?

And One ...

The rumor mill is spinning as the trade deadline approaches. Kenyan Martin for Posey and Walker seems to be the hottest rumor (which doesn't say much about the rumor-mill, does it?)

Here are my two cents for players we need to trade for/add:

1.) Bring back Number TWO!!! Rory Sparrow, baby!
2.) Jimmy Chipwood ("I'll make it.")

In otherwords, Heat-o-feliacs ... don't hold your breath for a trade. It ain't happenin' ...

But, feel free to discuss it amongst yourselves: http://www.miamisportsdudes.com/page/page/2897188.htm


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