Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Heat 107 - Magic 93

Counting down to the All Star Break ...

Heat answered all my questions (from today's previous blog -- see below) with a nice 14 point victory:

1.) No, Shaq did not proceed to fall asleep after the tip off. In fact, he went on to end the night with a double-double (25 pts./11 rebounds) and, apparently has been reading my blogs because he seems more committed to the 'dunk' than ever.

2.) D-Wade came out smokin, just as I predicted: 38 points.

3.) Oddly enough, Keyon Dooling seemed to give us the most trouble (15 points). But when Dooling is the one giving you trouble, that's awright mama ...

4.) Antoine looked pretty good at times tonight. That is, until Riley asked him to dribble down court on the in-bounds. Comedy. High Comedy. 'Toine's final stats: 5-8, 12 points. Not too shabby.

5.) As I suspected ... many, many, many empty seats at the AAA tonight. Still, I'll take tonight's crowd over those so-called Heat fans who only show up to the "important" games and pretend to care, any time. You hear me, you trend-mongers??? You make me sick! Sick I say!

Random Thoughts From Tonight's Victory:

Hit you all tomorrow...


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