Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Daily Quickie (2/15)

Heat Travels To The Sam Waterson Center, Escape A Furious Magic 4th Quarter

The Heat met the Magic again, this time at the T.D. Waterhouse Center in Orlando. Miami went into the 4th with a 29 point lead only to watch it dwindle down to 8 after Riles sat Shaq and Wade. Big surprise there! But with about 1:50 left, Wade was sent back in for damage control and got two key assists as Gary the Glove knocked down two consecutive threes to ice the deal. Final score: Miami 110, Orlando 100. Whew!

Speaking of threes -- our boy 'Toine went bananas tonight! He finished the night 10 for 17 for 26 points, including six trays. Six! That's four shy of the Heat record. Way to go Antoine! Now if you could start doing that against the elite teams, we'll be good to go. I abuse Employee Number 8 a lot here, but I'll give it up tonight. Nice last two games to finish the first half of the season, 'Toine. Now improve on that 2.2 assist average and stop turning over the ball (5 tonight) you numb skull!!

Final Analysis: Nice finish before the All Star Break for our boys. The down hill portion of the season starts next Wednesday againt the Isaiah Thomas Project (otherwise known as the New York Knickerbockers). To quote the Mandlebaum's: "It's Go Time!"

P.S. Since when did Heat color-man Tony Fiorentino start these New York Yankees pep rallies during Heat telecasts? I heard he also did it during yesterday's game. Hey, Coach, it's the NBA. And, oh yea -- it's the MIAMI Heat. Miami.

Zach Thomas Says He'd Welcome T.O. To The Dolphins

Zach Thomas joins the T.O. bandwagon, along with Chris Chambers, when asked if he's okay with Owens coming to Miami. I have a theory why guys like Randy McMichael don't want T.O. here and why guys like Thomas would "welcome" him. McMichael is a young guy with a nice furture ahead of him but is concerned with his personal stats. Thomas is entering his mid-30's and is approaching that "my career might end without me ever playing in a Super Bowl" stage. So, Thomas would welcome a "troubled" player if it will greatly enhance his chances of being in a Super Bowl. Zach is subscribing to the MSD theory here: Gamble on T.O. and the payoff will be huge!!

Just remember -- the MSD started this whole T.O. to the Dolphins thing way back in October of last year! If T.O. does in fact sign with Miami, we want a piece of that pie. Nothing big. Just something. A free plug to the site from Super Drew would be just fine.

All in all, it's up to Nick Saban now. But the media won't know anything until the actual day the Owens' signing happens. Much to the chagrin of one Hank Goldberg.

Hit y'all back real soon ...


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