Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trent Green Update: Nothing, Really.

BREAKING DOLPHINS NEWS: Oh wait. Never mind.

Whoa! What's that? Trent Green had a press conference? Oh. Wait. He's still a Chief? Oh...
Maybe it's because I'm not the biggest Green fan in the world. Maybe it's because this is what I said would happen all along. Maybe it's because the off-season after the draft is like watching a Judge Judy marathon while sitting in a dentist waiting room for an hour or two. But my reaction to this is pretty subjective: meh.
Either way, at least now it's official -- Green says he's unhappy and wants out of KC and come to Miami. The best news of all for me is that Randy never budged on Carl Peterson's ridiculous demands. So, like I said: Green will be a Dolphin because he'll either be released or traded to us for that 6th round pick. Or, Peterson can keep acting the part of the tough guy and have himself a very unhappy 7.5 million dollar third-string quarterback on his roster.

So to recap: Trent Green wants to be a Miami Dolphin. He's still a KC Chief. Earth-shattering, I know.

JD weighs in on this while pointing out Green's MILF wife. JD is a talented blogger.


Greg Cote had an idiotic column the Herald this morning. His point: The Dolphins should offer a higher draft pick for Green instead of just waiting a couple more weeks and getting him for free. Why? Because Greg is impatient (and has nothing to write about, apparently).
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